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Emerentia Lovisa (.9.1838 -?) Johanna Carolina Albertina Hästesko enkana Uudessakaupungissa Johanna Carolina Albertina Hästeskon vanhemmat Vehmaan Gunnilassa edellisten poika, capitain Anders Joseph Hästesko af Målagård (.7.1753, Ulvila -.4.1825, slag, haudattu.7.1825, Alastaro) ja Margaretha Hedwig Berndtsdotter Eneskiöld (.8.1760

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(-after 950). . The Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa records princes of Gaban or Derbend during the 10th century (Chapter.F). . The same source records that Hethum was blinded by his brother Smbat 683, and deposed his brother Kostandin. . The Chronique du Royaume de la Petite Arménie of Constable Sempad records that " le baron Sempad, seigneur de Babaron, le baron Vasil, seigneur de Partzerpert, le baron Derin et le baron Tigrane " were killed at " Mecis " in / 934. . His wife's uncle, Lewon II, sent Hethum to Antioch in 1193, after Bohémond III Prince of Antioch had been obliged by Lewon to accept Armenian suzerainty, but Hethum was obliged to withdraw from the city faced with a riot of the population 519. . The Chronicle of Jean Dardel records the marriage of " madame Remyequi femme avoit esté de messire Bemon conte de Courch " and " Sohier Doulcart, escuier " whom King Lewon V installed as marshal of the kingdom of Armenia 912. He allied himself with Baudouin de Boulogne after the arrival of the crusaders to throw off Turkish rule, adopting Baudouin as his son and heir. . As of 2011, 700 Jews were living.

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The Georgian Chronicle (18th century) records that " Gouaram, fils d'Achot et frère de Bagrat couropalates " captured " Gabloutzparent de Sahac ". Rüdt-Collenberg cites primary sources which confirm his parentage 1005. . Smbat of Armenia -1310/11). . Seneschal Oshin was killed at the fortress of Anazerbe with Hethum and King Lewon III by Poularghou-noun, visiting Mongol dignitary, who seized power in Armenian Cilicia 975. Matthew of Edessa records the installation as patriarch of " le seigneur Grégoire, fils d'Abirad ". Lord of Barbaron and Sempad'gla. Until further information comes to light, it is preferable to show the wife of Kostandin as unknown, but referring to her possible relationship to King Hugues. . The following family sub-group must have been closely related to Kostandin Lord of Barbaron, father of Hethum I King of Armenia, but the precise relationship has not yet been established. . " Dominia Tarsi " certainly suggests a reference to the ruler of Cilician Armenia. .